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We have been serving Southwest Kansas since 1973. We strive for extreme quality at reasonable rates. We guarantee your satisfaction. We use van powered machines with a rotary jet extractor which injects & extracts the carpet 15 times per second. We use state of the art chemicals and apply our protectors with an electric sprayer & always brush or rake the protector onto the carpet. We welcome any partial or traffic lane cleaning and charge only for the area cleaned.

Emergency Water Removal & Restorative Drying

We are available for emergency water damage restoration. We have a unique chemical which will stop mildew from forming inside of the wall within 24 hours of placement. We have the latest in drying and dehumidification processes. Also, we have a unique flood extraction which removes 97% of the water from the carpet and pad. These techniques and equipment reduce tear-out of carpet, pad and walls, thus saving money. We work with your insurance company for water damage restoration. AMENITY